The purpose of the AICS is to address many socio-cultural, ecological and economic challenges that many underrepresented populations face today.


AICS will bring awareness to our communities' challenges and will inspire social change while involving our youth, the future generations. Art and culture are the indigenous roots that have kept First Nation societies, grounded and are integral to every aspect of indigenous modern life. 

In January of 2020, local Springfield Native Americans realized that there was a need in the Springfield area that was not being met. They put together a grassroots movement and started working toward the reactivation of the American Indian Center of Springfield (AICS). The group partnered with the Drew Lewis Foundation and received guidance and direction to move forward.


The original American Indian center was incorporated in June 1986 by Ed Loonsfoot, a full-blooded Chippewa, and Vince Aragon of the Taos tribe. In May 2023, AICS was reactivated to further the mission of the original AICS through implementing programs that bring awareness of the First Nations culture to the community. Today, AICS draws support from Natives in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas through gatherings and events.


For the past few years, AICS has grown and provided numerous classes, educational programs, and cultural events. We are very appreciative of all of our supporters, community and volunteers.  We are very honored with the partnerships that we have formed during these formative years.



AICS mission aims to promote cooperation and communication while educating and documenting cultural involvement in Southwest Missouri.

This is through workshops, gatherings and lectures, while implementing cultural and educational resources that will bring public awareness in cooperation with the native American community.